Camera click — the most sought after click board judging by the survey we did last december — is finally here.

camera click released

Plug this click board into the mikroBUS™ socket, adjust the focus by turning the lens left or right, and let your microcontroller see the world for the first time, through the eye of an OV767-VL2A low voltage CMOS image sensor. The sensor is connected to an onboard FT900 MCU via a parallel camera interface; the FT900, in turn, outputs the camera image through mikroBUS™ SPI pins.

The image sensor is the same one that’s aboard EasyFT90x, but this click board brings a camera to our other development platforms. Note, however, that streaming video is a demanding task for microcontrollers.

Combined with a 32-bit target board MCU you’ll be able to stream QCIF resolution video (176x144px). More processing power and storage capabilities will get you better results (the maximum resolution of the OV7670 sensor aboard camera click™ is VGA, 640×480).

With 8-bit MCUs, camera click™ is best used for rendering static images, or for specific applications where a few frames per second are enough.

Start from the Libstock example. Read the details on the product page.

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