A few things about the Buggy that you need to know.

Buggy basics on learn.mikroe.com

The honeymoon period for flying drones is coming to a close. Regulators in many countries are introducing restrictive laws to limit their maneuvering space. It’s a good time to start looking at the many benefits of the other kind of drone – the one with wheels planted to the ground.

In his latest learn.mikroe.com article, Richard asks a simple question: how will you prototype an autonomous vacuum with a flying development platform? Flying is captivating but there seem to be more practical applications for the wheeled drone.

Our Buggy is the perfect development platform to explore its potential.

The learn.mikroe.com Buggy tutorial will introduce you to the basics such as: – how Buggy’s driving mechanism is controlled by PWM and how to use a thumbstick click to control it. – Alternative ideas for remote control. – What should you consider when choosing a wireless transceiver to move sensor data to the Buggy.

It’s essentially a crash course to get your Buggy moving while not crashing it. Richard started the discussion. Feel free to chip in with your own questions, ideas, and suggestions in the comment section.

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