You are sitting home, wondering what you need to buy to start making your own user interfaces. You compile one list. An hour later you realize that you forgot to add something. So, you go back, make a new list, but then you’re not sure if all the tools are compatible with each other. Slowly you’re losing the will to even draw a sketch on a piece of paper.

Well, you’ll never have a problem like that again, because we are introducing a new line of development kits intended for designing amazing user interfaces – mikroLAB for mikromedia line.

It’s the perfect toolbox: mikromedia workStation v7 is the best development environment for mikromedia boards –  your stepping stone. The Visual TFT software and compiler license will launch you into full creativity mode; you don’t need to worry about the code, the Visual TFT will generate it automatically in the background, you just concentrate on the design.

Choose the mikromedia you want (out of the seven we are offering for now), and start making truly amazing interfaces. Test them out immediately. Work and play at the same time.

Open the box

Open the box and you’ll find everything you could possibly need to start designing graphic interfaces. From a workstation to wire jumpers. We got you covered.

As you can see, a lot of time and thought has been invested in the packaging. Our graphic designer Danijela made sure that every single box inside the kit forms one piece of a puzzle. Opening the package is going to be like Christmas morning.

You’ll find mikroBUS™ connectors on both the mikroBUS shield for mikromedia and the workStation v7. As you already know we have more than 300 click boards™ in the shop. That means that you can add all those functionalities to your project. From wireless connectivity and sensors to motor control click boards and audio and voice ones.

And if you need to save any pictures and other media, the microSD card is in the package as well. You can say that we thought of everything.

For more information about the mikroLAB for mikromedia kits, visit the product pages for each one.

Yours sincerely,

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