July started, summer is in full-effect, World Cup games are still on TV. It’s the right moment to release Alcohol click.

alcohol click


This click board detects alcohol gases. To test it, say cheers, clink glasses and have a beer, then breathe on the MQ-3 sensor.

The gas sensing layer on the MQ-3 sensor unit is made of Tin dioxide (SnO2), an inorganic compound which has lower conductivity in clean air than when alcohol gas is present.

It can be used to detect alcohol levels from 0.04 to 4mg/l, but you are free to invent your own scale: from slightly buzzed to “hey, I don’t remember buying two click boards?”, for example.

Applications are various. You could make a data logger for comparing your coding performance under different levels of intoxication, measuring the ratio of bugs to BAC (blood alcohol content). You’ll be able to find your Ballmer’s peak that way. That’s the alleged sweet spot of BAC that causes a temporary sharp increase in coding ability. But please be careful, responsible, and of legal age.

We’ll have some fun examples for Alcohol click in a few days. You see, we have a beer tap in our HQ so we can conduct field tests easily.

This is our first click board with a “sniffing” sensor. More clicks with sensors for various other gases are coming up.

Yours sincerely,

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