Instructions on creating a drum kit with TouchClamp click.


Here we have two Tuborg bottles and a few unidentified Ale and Bock cans turned into cymbals, tom-toms, snares and bass drums. The person demonstrating the kit isn’t an avid drummer, but he’s an expert in coming up with fun embedded projects.

It’s Teo from, the same guy who brought you the Flip & click Theremin awhile ago. Read his post to get all the instructions.

Here’s the short of it. Aside from the beer containers you will also need a TouchClamp click to turn any conductive object into an input, and an MP3 click to reproduce the drum samples. The central MCU is on a chipKIT UNO, with click board connectivity brought by an Arduino UNO click shield.

The software expertly reuses some Adafruit libraries. If you are a real funky drummer, you can connect two TouchClamp clicks to get a bigger drum kit.

To learn more about TouchClamp click, you might want to check out our own example as well, showcased on

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