The development board for high-pin count Atmel AVR microcontrollers is on sale, $20 off regular price!


If you’re looking for a development board for high pin count 8-bit AVR MCUs, this offer is a real steal.

BIGAVR6 has the abundance of features our dev. board are known for: on-board programmer USB, CAN, RS232, and ADC inputs, RTC, Serial EEPROM modules, MMC/SD card slot, temperature sensors, LEDs, headers and push buttons for each microcontroller port, a Character LCD and a Graphical LCD socket, support for resistive touch screen and more.

BIGAVR6 supports over 28 MCUs from ATMEGA and AT90 families. The default MCU we ship it with is ATMEGA128, delivered on a special MCU card.

This offer lasts from Friday, September 12, 2PM CET Wednesday, September 17, 5PM CET. With $20 off the regular price, we’re helping you make the “BIG” decision ;). For details and specifications, check the product page.

Sincerely yours,

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