Behold, all of you 8051 lovers: we present you with our newest development system for 8051 microcontrollers – BIG8051.

We have decided to equip you with some heavy artillery, so we tried to put everything we got on the board. And we have succeded! Communication, Storage, Displays, Power Supply Supervisors, AD converters, DACs, Output pin connectors, you name it. Board is all about about power beauty and quality. It’s just jawdropping.

Right from the start we have prepared the set of examples that demonstrate operation of every single on-board module. Examples are written in mikroElektronika’s 8051 compilers.

Even if 8051 is not the MCU of your choice, take a few minutes and visit BIG8051 webpage. You just can’t be indifferent to this board.

BIG8051 is here
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