We turned our entire webpage inside out for Black Friday.

Black Friday offer

Grease up the wheels of your virtual shopping carts and prepare for the hottest MikroE Black Friday ever. The only way it could’ve gotten better is if it lasted forever — but the timer on the top of the page is ticking down steadily — the Black Friday offer lasts until Sunday 12h noon CET.

Start clicking while it’s still ticking. It’s like we inverted a pouch bag full of jewels and emptied it out to lay everything on the table. Shiny new hardware and polished software tools. All 15% OFF.

There’s a lot to look at. click boards, compilers, development boards for seven architectures. The products on the front page are just our pick. The 15% discount applies to everything (processed at checkout).

Enjoy your Black Friday shopping experience!

Yours sincerely,

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