Who throws the best parties? The MikroElektronika team, of course!

Just as the back to school offer ended in our shop and September began, the back to work party started. Like a perfect choreography. We said goodbye to our holiday pictures, beach towels, and straw hats and welcomed the fall with one of the best parties we ever had.

A bit of planning, a bit of good mood and energy and everything was in place.

BBQ and lazy bags

Around 5:30 p.m. the whole company turned off the computers and equipment and started coming to the patio, drawn by the irresistible smell of the barbecue. No better way to start a party, then with some tasty sausages.

The lazy bags were definitely a hit. The only complication was attempting to eat while you’re in the lazy bag. Stains were made, lessons were learned.

Trying all the new cocktails

No summer party should happen without fruity, colorful cocktails. So we brought a professional bartender to make us all the hip cocktails. The line in front of the bar was long during the whole evening, he’s that good.

You have to try mine, it’s really good!” was the most used sentence, once everyone had a drink in hand.

After a while, everyone had tried the barbecue, and had a sip of the mojito – it was time for the table football.

Who knew that the girls are so competitive when it comes to football?

With some practice, and a few tricks from high-school days, the ladies from accounting were in the lead. But our CPO Tanja was now far behind.

Heels on the grass

The head of maintenance of the company asked the ladies if they could be so kind to wear high heels and take a walk on the back lawn.

In case you didn’t know, small holes in the soil allow the water and air to reach the roots of the grass. This way the grass is healthier and grows faster. So, the women of MikroE decided to help.

And take a look at the interns. The youngest guests were the most photogenic ones.

If you were ever wondering what it’s like to be an intern at MikroElektronika, now you know. There are barbecue benefits.

Let’s be honest, you’re a tiny bit jealous of us after this post. That means you need to throw a party as well. So, go ahead, make your plans while the weather is nice.

Yours sincerely,

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