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Back to work discount

Here’s a nice definition of work-life balance: you should be as happy going to work as you are returning home… but not more.

That ideal is tough to maintain. If you love your work you can get hyped up about professional projects and be excited going to work every morning. Maybe you bring work home; pour yourself completely into it.

As you go at it full-throttle week by week, fatigue starts to mount. At first, it has a way of creeping up unnoticed. Eventually, you can read the signs. Coffee doesn’t wake you up like it used to. The morning commute becomes a drag. You feel you’re not bringing your A-Game. The scale tips towards excitement about going home. But when you get there you’re not really there… your mind drifts and wanders.

Hopefully, you take a holiday as soon as this happens. Do something different for a while. Shake off the residue of boredom that accumulates from performing a daily routine over and over for months. Go to the beach, bury all the frustration and tiredness in the sand and leave it there (or on a mountain peak or on some lantern-lit secluded small street in an exotic city).

Return back fresh, recharged, and with a new perspective about what you want to accomplish in the 52 weeks ahead of you. Work is exciting again. And you are that much wiser than last year about pacing yourself and maintaining that balance. You will be able to maintain peak performance longer than last time.

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