back to school offer 10% off on everything

Are you satisfied with the way your summer went? Did you go to that perfect tropical holiday? Fulfilled the skydiving dream?

If you haven’t, there is always next summer. But for now on, let’s focus on the coming autumn and the beginning of the school year.

10% OFF on everything in the shop

We have a special back to school offer, 10% OFF on everything in our shop. Compilers, Visual TFT software, mikroLAB kits, click boards™.

If you already bought a new backpack, you can’t keep it empty. A couple of notebooks, a couple of development boards, some pens and mikromedias. The perfect way to begin the school year.

The offer lasts from Monday, August 28, 12:00 CET until Monday, September 4 12:00 CET.

Start the school year the right way

The end of summer is here, and the school year is about to begin. We all know that after three months of carefree sunbathing and swimming it’s difficult to organize ourselves. But don’t worry, we have a couple of tricks and tips:

  • Get a new planner, it’s always easier to keep track of all your tasks with a couple of lists.
  • Take a good look at your current work space and evaluate what is missing. Perhaps a new desk lamp, or new stationary, some new plants.
  • Check if all your software is updated. Especially if you plan to use it in your school projects.
  • Buy a new travel mug. Your morning commute is going to be so much better.

Yours sincerely,

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