Every now and then we run into totaly cool projects done with mikroElektronika tools. This LED Pocketwatch is one of them.

As Paul Pounds, the author of this project said on his project page, this is a tribute to his grandfather who was a master horologist. Once you take a look at the design, the custom made PCB in just the right shape to fit into his Elgin hunter-style pocketwatch metal casing, you notice that this was built with great love, passion and dedication. The awesome symmetry of the component placement ads a special flavor to this unique connection of tradition and technology. Geeky look of the inside is augmented by the awesome list of functionality that Paul thoughtfully added. And everything was done in mikroC PRO for PIC, within 2K demo limit.

Here’s what the authors says: “The microprocessor was programmed in C using the MikroC IDE for 8-bit PIC microprocessors. Unfortunately, I only have the demo version of this software, which has a 2KB code-size limit. By far the hardest part of this project was writing my code to fit within this limitation; almost without exception, though, it made my code better, more streamlined and more elegant. I can easily say it’s made me a better coder.”

We invite you to visit the LED Pocketwatch project page and read more about what was done until now, and what Paul intends to do in the next round of improvements.

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