We are please to announce that AVRPLC16 v6 PLC System is ready for sale and is available for ordering. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you should definitely visit the AVRPLC16 v6 webpage. System has all you need for home or industrial automation. Instead of ATmega16, we decided to deliver more powerful ATmega32 chip by default, leaving you more RAM and Flash to build more interesting applications.

List of on-board features is a long one. You can eat a whole chocolate while reading it: RS-458, ADC input, Serial Ethernet, RS-232, MMC/SD card, Support for Telit GSM/GPS module and antenna holders, RTC clock, stable power supply, on-board fast USB 2.0 AVR programmer, 8 opto-inputs and 16 relays… Not to mention that we chose only the best high-quality SMD components.

It was really worth waiting!

AVRPLC16 v6 is available for sale
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