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Ever since our software team moved into their new office they have been super productive and enthusiastic. Therefore, this roadmap update for the AVR compilers comes flying on the wings of interior design change.

AVR Compilers Roadmap highlights

The new version of the AVR compilers (v 7.00) is scheduled to be released on May 11.

The implementation of Visual TFT in the compiler IDE has started a while back and is now well under way. Soon the AVR compilers will have a single platform for coding and designing, just like PIC, dsPIC, and FT90x compilers.

Our software team has added support for STMPE610 controllers. They updated the Bootloader application so that it has the automatic hardware recognition feature. External reference to all ADC libraries has been added as well.

For more information see the AVR Compilers Roadmap page, and for the full list of supported MCUs see the AVR compiler product page.

ARM Compilers update

For the ARM compilers, we have implemented FreeRTOS, because of the enhancement poll on our Forum. This new version of the compiler will be released on June 1.

In case you have any suggestions about our compilers, please post a comment here, or on the Forum. Perhaps one of your suggestions will find its way into the next compiler update.

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