The new update for the AVR compilers is now available for download. Just in time for the newly redesigned compiler product pages.

What’s new in version 7.0.1

In this update of the AVR compilers, we mainly focused on improving the user experience in the Visual TFT mode. So, we fixed the following things:

  • The image rotation center is now the same in the design, and how it’s displayed on the hardware.
  • No more FT8xx switching image popping up.
  • The drop-down combo boxes of the touch panel controller tied to FT8xx now associates the right values every single time.
  • Correct EveScreenSaver Tag value upon creation is now 255.
  • The correct RGB hex value is displayed after you type the color value in (FT8xx project).

For more information, visit the AVR compiler product page: mikroC, mikroBasic, mikroPascal.

Visual TFT merged

In the previous version of the compilers (7.0.0), we merged the Visual TFT software with the AVR compilers. Since this spring you could design and code in one place. All you need to do to switch from one mode to the other is press F12 on your keyboard.

The drag and drop elements are easy to use, so spend more time focusing on the perfect design, while the compiler generates the code in the background. With these new fixes and improvements making the best user interface is going to be faster than ever. We work to save your time.

Compiler RoadMap

You can always keep track of what is happening with the compiler, by visiting the RoadMap.

To see the full list of supported MCUs, see the product page, for each programing language. And if you want to learn more about the licensing options, just click on the Licensing Option tab on the product page.

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