We’re happy to announce new release of ARM compilers. New libraries and faster building of your projects are among top release highlights.

ARM compilers v3.3.0 released!

Our engineers worked hard on improving optimization and linking mechanisms. Result of our efforts is clearly visible. Complex projects with lots of functions in a single source file are now compiled, optimized and linked 5-10 times faster! This means much less time waiting for the compiler to do it’s magic behind the hood.

Fast SDIO interface is the best choice for connecting MMC or SD cards. Newly introduced SDIO library help you to implement it with ease. We’ve supported STMPE610 Touch Panel Controller with a new library as well. It has I2C interface and helps you save precious microcontroller pins.

Few other improvements and fixes have been implemented as well.

We invite you to download your favorite mikroC, mikroBasic or mikroPascal compiler for ARM and make use of the new features.

Yours sincerely,

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