Arduino Uno click shield – finally introducing click boards to the worldwide Arduino community.


The Arduino Uno click shield makes your Arduino compatible with over 75 click boards. It’s a simple shield with two mikroBUS™ host sockets on one side, and an Arduino connector on the opposite.

In size and shape, the Arduino Uno click shield is designed for an exact fit with Arduino Uno. However the shield is compatible with a huge number of available Arduinos and other boards that share the same connector. See Wikipedia for a long list of Arduino boards and compatible systems.

Whichever board you use, our small click boards are the most convenient way to add a specific functionality to your design. From sensors to displays, audio to motor control, communication to fiber optics, or even speech recognition.

For ease of use, the Arduino Uno click shield has a small switch that allows you to bootload your Arduino without unplugging already connected click boards. Put the switch in the Prog position when bootloading your Arduino and return it back to the UART position afterwards.

This is the newest addition to our line of shields that bring mikroBUS™ connectivity to popular development platforms. We also have Discovery, LaunchPad and Raspberry Pi® compatible shields. Also there’s a BeagleBone cape and a board that brings click boards to the .NET Microframework development platform.

Get the Arduino Uno click shield here and start inventing with click boards right away!

Yours sincerely,

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