Our friend and distributor from South Africa – Dizzy Enterprizes – implemented mikroBUS socket in his new design. Check it out!


mikroBUS is an incredible concept. Having the same socket for all Click boards, no matter what module they carry – gives you enormous flexibility in design. Just imagine how difficult is to change one communication layer to the other on a prototype with fixed design. You would have to do it all over again. With mikroBUS you just remove one click board and put another. You can redesign your prototype to use WiFi instead of RS485 in less than 5s.

Our distributor from South Africa knows this very well, so he designed an Arduino clone with mikroBUS socket embedded into design. It’s called Breeze and it comes in two versions. One is with PIC18F25K20 and the other with PIC18F25J50 microcontroller. It’s a low cost dev board for beginners. Comes with mikroProg connector as well.

Since both chips have high level of code compatibility with PIC18F45K22 which is delivered with EasyPIC v7 you have a large code base in mikroElektronika compilers for your projects with Breeze boards.

Make sure to check out the board webpage for more information.

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