MikroElektronika starts development of compilers for FTDI Chip’s new 32-bit FT90x family of microcontrollers.

Anouncing the development of FT90x compilers

After the award-winning FT800 graphics controller, FTDI Chip‘s team of engineers have now added another piece of the puzzle to their portfolio—a powerful 32-bit microcontroller called FT900. And boy, they did one hell of a job!

FT90x’s 32-bit RISC architecture is built completely from scratch. The innovative IP enabled our friends from FTDI to get the very best performance in the industry—a staggering 2.93 DMIPS/MHz! Just to give you a hint—that’s more than double the performance of ARM Cortex-M4. First chips feature 256KB of Flash and 64KB of RAM, with true zero wait-states operation up to 100MHz. FTDI guys are specialists when it comes to USB and fast data throughput so they’ve supported the highest data rates in all integrated interfaces. One of the conveniences is a parallel camera interface and a host SD controller.

Fred Dart, FTDI Chip’s CEO and Lee Chee Ee, Director of Engineering have visited us in Belgrade a few weeks ago and we really enjoyed their company and being their hosts. We’ve shown them couple of Belgrade landmark sites, and had a good time tasting traditional domestic food and drinks. On Saturday afternoon, after cheering with delicious beer from our own beer tap, Fred and our CEO, Neb, signed an agreement on our terrace, accepting the deal that MikroElektronika develops mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal compilers for FT90x microcontrollers.

Fred Dart and Nebojsa Matic signing the Agreement

Be prepared to experience the fastest microcontroller on the market and see demos at Embedded World 2015 in Nuremberg, Germany. We’ll build the entire ecosystem, including development boards, examples for click boards and support in Visual TFT software. We can’t wait to get started. Make sure to follow our news and catch on the updates we’re going to share with you in the process. It will be one exciting autumn!

You can read the official press release here

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