With the new Arduino, Intel is enjoying its moment of glory in the Maker world right now. So while the spotlights are on, let us point you to another Intel-driven solution, the MinnowBoard Max, with an Intel® Atom™ processor. Now with a mikroBUS™ adapter too.

mikroBUS adapter Lure

The mikroBUS™ adapter Lure – Lure is how MinnowBoard expansions are called – has a single mikroBUS™ socket along with a 13×5 breadboard area.

MinninowBoards are open hardware boards. The Max version has a 64-bit Atom™ Er8xx Series SoC with integrated Intel Graphics. Depending on the exact model, the board has between 1 and 3GB of DDR3 RAM, and 8 MB SPI Flash for System Memory. A plethora of additional peripherals are there too.

You can get them from Allied Electronics and Mouser among other places (you can get click boards from there too, so put everything in a single cart).

If you’re looking for a powerful processor platform that can propell your click boards, let us also remind you of the recently released HummingBoard-Gate with Freescale’s i.MX6 SoC.

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