lora rf click network in pisa

Thanks to our friends from Zerynth, the Italian town of Pisa receives MikroE-powered LoRaWAN coverage in time for IoT festival.

The Italian town of Pisa is getting a new attraction. History buffs will still have their Leaning Tower of Pisa; while people who are more obsessed with the future will be delighted to know that the town is now covered with a LoRa wide area network.

The new network, powered by Flip & click and LoRa click, is installed thanks to the efforts of University of Pisa and Zerynth (our partners who brought Python to Flip & click).

As part of an IoT festival, a panel of experts will discuss the current situation and expectations for the future.

This is not the first European town that has a LoRa network powered by MikroE hardware. The first one was Budapest. With LoRa click and the powerful library we supply with it, you will also be able to establish a LoRa network in your hometown quickly. There is a tutorial on learn.mikroe.com that shows how. Try it out.

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