Today, we have some great news for the whole community! We have begun working on a specialized website – Library Stock, or simply Libstockyour place for code and libraries.

Announcing LIBSTOCK - Your place for code and libraries

With rising requests for more and more custom libraries and projects, we have come up with a solution that will hopefully satisfy all. We are introducing a perfect place for developers and electronics geeks. A place that binds your projects, libraries, your tutorials and project explanations, schematics and manuals, but also brings a social moment to the whole thing. Through personalized accounts, you’ll be able to connect with people like yourself and utilize the enormous potential of human communication.

You’ll be able to freely download source code for libraries and projects and have access to valuable knowledge. It’s a treasure chest of mikroElektronika community, but with one major difference – it’s totally open and free!

So, the countdown begins. We invite all of you who have already shared your projects on our Projects Page, and all of you who were planning on doing so, to get ready in the following period. Get your projects neat, add introductory comments, fix ugly code indentation, and make sure to recompile the projects in latest versions of your favorite compilers.

We expect to have the beta version of the website ready in about six weeks, if everything goes according to plan. We might get stuck somewhere, and we cannot promise the exact release date, but we would like you to have some idea of the timing.

Please leave your comments on this, because we would very much appreciate your opinion regarding this new website, so if you have something to tell us, don’t hesitate to do so. The first version of the website is for sharing the code FOR FREE. Depending on your interest, we are willing to expand the functionality to SELLING the libraries and project over Libstock. But we need your feedback in order to know what is it that you really need.

Yours sincerely,

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