This first App for the Buggy requires an Android phone with Bluetooth Low Energy support, and a BLE P click aboard the Buggy (Buggy kits including BLE P click are available).

Buggy App on Google Play

The Buggy will have multiple Apps for different wireless protocols like BLE, classic Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and so on.

All the Apps will share the same simple interface. It was designed to let you to keep your eyes on the road so no unnecessary bells and whistles, all commands are laid out on a single screen within your finger’s reach.

To drive it, just move the red dot within the wider circle.

As promised, we also published the source code. Get it from the download section on the Buggy page. The manual, and the Buggy firmware for clicker 2 (no pun intended) for STM32 is also available there.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group maintains a list of Bluetooth smart supported devices, including but not limited to Android phones and tablets. The list doesn’t seem exhaustive though, so check your phone’s specs to see if it’s compatible with this version of the Buggy App.

If not, as we said, Apps for Bluetooth classic and WiFi are coming up.

Yours sincerely,

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