It almost seemed like we exhausted the myriad of ways to exploit the Hall effect – Uni Hall click, Bi Hall click, Lin Hall click, 3D Hall click – but there’s at least one more angle to explore. Kicking off 2016 with Angle click.

Angle click

Angle click, carrying the A1332 SoC, allows you to asses the precise positioning angle of bipolar magnet with a high degree of precision and speed. The sensing zone is a 2D plane parallel to the top of the chip. With a 32 micro second refresh rate and a 360º range, it can precisely gauge a vector of a magnetic field, ideally from a bipolar magnetic target placed directly above it, and thus asses the angle (on-axis, end of shaft application).

The sensor also works in off-axis applications, although that requires additional tinkering with the output dynamic range, output scaling and filtering parameters. The A1332 includes EEPROM to store the calibration parameters.

The speed and resolution of angle detection make Angle click suitable for designing electronic power steering systems, digital potentiometers and similar.

More details are available on the product page. The Libstock library is also ready.


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