Two days ago we announced our Embedded World 2015 ticket giveaway. All you had to do was answer a few IoT related questions, to let us know whether you think IoT is an irrelevant overhyped trend or if it’s here to improve our tomorrow.

Embedded World Ticket Winners

Among our audience, everybody agreed that the Internet of Things is a lasting shift in the Embedded Industry, rather than a passing fad (although a single reader noted that it is a passing trend, but one that would stay for about a decade).

And it’s not just a vague distant concept — 100% of survey participants agreed that the Internet of Things is having an impact on their particular field of work (we had professional engineers, hobbyists and professors among our respondents).

The biggest concerns people have is regarding privacy and security, which is nothing new. We hope we’ll hear more about those things at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center this year. The gathering of the biggest names in the Embedded Industry is literary ground-zero for picking up the latest intelligence in the field.

The three lucky readers who will be joining us in all the hubbub this year are…

drum roll

Jason P, Kristijan Krsterski, and Elie Nassour (check your inboxes).

Everyone else, thanks for participating in the survey. If you make it to Embedded World in your own arrangement, don’t forget to drop by our booth (524 in Hall 2).

If you don’t agree with the general sentiment about IoT expressed by other readers, you’re still free to share your opinion with us. The sample size wasn’t so big and you could say it was biased since people applied for tickets for an IoT-related event. Just keep in mind we don’t have any more tickets to spare.

Yours sincerely,

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