Out of about 90 entries in our mini contest from Friday, no one guessed our 100th click boardGPS3 click.

gps3 click

Maybe we can write it down to a case of overlooking the obvious. GPS3 click is after all (despite the name), our fourth click board with a GPS module. Moreover, the original GPS click, formerly known as EasyGPS, was the first click board we released, back in 2011, so it’s a nifty coincidence.

But GPS3 click is not one to be overlooked. Unlike its predecessors, it doesn’t require an external antenna. It carries Quectel’s L–80 module that has a patch antenna.

Besides, you can’t really lose sight of this click board once it acquires the satellites (indicated by the blinking of the onboard red LED). It has a dozen features that enhance the performance of the GPS. These include the AlwaysLocate™ technology adaptively adjusts the on/off time to balance between positioning accuracy and power consumption; EASY™ Technology ensures that L80 can calculate and predict orbits automatically using data stored in its internal flash memory.

There’s Automatic antenna switching, anti-jamming and more.

Get the details on the product page, and start your development from the Libstock example.

As for the guessing game, some of you were close. As mentioned, we don’t know exactly which click board comes next, and some of your guesses included click boards that are coming up soon. Others we’ll consider. Some interesting ideas there.

Yours sincerely,

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