After we quickly sold out the entire volume of Analog Sytem Lab Kit PRO boards, we are happy to inform you that new version v1.02 is released and available for sale.

Analog System Lab Kit PRO v1.02 released!

Analog System Lab Kit PRO is specially designed to provide student and engineers the platform for creating analog systems using modules such as OP-Amps, analog multipliers, Digital-to-analog converters, Low-dropout Voltage regulators, transistors, diodes and more.

There have been slight improvements in silkscreen markings, but the most visible improvement was adding transparent solderless breadboard instead of soldering pads in general-purpose area.

Board comes with slightly improved user-friendly manual which guides you through 14 great laboratory exercises which help you to understand on-board modules through interesting and useful experiments. These examples are a great starting point for your future projects. User manual is easy to read, with good explanations and lots of photos. We also provided a full-color board schematics and a 100-page graph paper book with linear and logarithmic grid, for easier drawings of graphs required by the experiments.

We invite you to visit the ASLK PRO webpage and get more information about this fantastic board.

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