Introducing Ammeter click, another click meant to be used as a tool.


A sequel to C Meter click from a few days ago, Ammeter click measures the strength of electric current. From a design standpoint, it’s an elegant solution.

Once you connect two probes (plus and minus) to the onboard screw terminals, a current starts flowing through a shunt resistor. The click derives the amperage measurements from the voltage generated accross it.

First it passes through an amplifier circuit before it’s fed through a 12-bit ADC before the data finally exists through SPI.

In case your MCU has a higher-resolution ADC, you can also read the amplified voltage through the mikroBUS™ AN pin.

Both DC and AC can be measured. AC is a bit more complex because measurements are extrapolated by applying a function to the observed peak to peak values of the alternating current.

We have more clicks for measuring electrical characteristics. First was capacitance, now Current, we will also have one for resistance. Our editors wrote a tutorial for all three.

If you now what you are doing you can go directly to Libstock where code examples are available. The schematic is on the Docs page. The exact specifications and info about the measurement range are on the product page.

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