Ambient 2 click, with a sensor to brighten your day, or at least your display.

Ambient 2 click

OPT30001, the ambient light sensor aboard Ambient 2 click, has optical filters that deflect infrared light. What’s left is the visible spectrum of light, which means that this click’s sensitivity to light matches that of your eyesight.

You can use it in designs meant to reduce people’s eyestrain, like in TFT display backlights that adjust brightness depending on the ambient light intesity. Or in home lighting.

If these applications sound familiar that’s because you’ve already read it when we described the first Ambient click — use that one if you need an analog output.

Ambient 2 click, however, can also lessen the strain on your MCU. The click has an interrupt pin which could be used to trigger wake-up events (so the MCU doesn’t constantly read off the data from the sensor). mikroBUS™ I2C pins are the main communication interface.

The sensitivity range of Ambient 2 click is from 0.01 lux (about the level of a clear but moonless night sky), all the way to 83k lux (which is somewhat below bright sunlight.)

The example is on Libstock. More info on the product page.


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