AlphaNum R click, “R” for red color display, comes with instructions on how to configure your own characters.

AlphaNum R click

To cover the basics first, AlphaNum R click is the same as the green one. It carries a dual character 14-segment LED display (these are also known as starburst or Union Jack displays).

When we announced the first one, we told you how 14-segment displays can render the entire ISO latin alphabet. That’s true, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything else with it.

The Libstock example covers the latin alphabet and a few extra symbols, but you’ll see that figuring out other symbols and exotic characters is simple.

We indexed each segment of the display with numbers 0–14, each number matched to the position of the corresponding bit in the 15-bit sequence (14 segments plus decimal point) used for configuring the display. All you have to do is see which exact segment you want to light up, and tap out the correct bit-sequence.

The example code for both AlphaNum clicks is the same (the schematics are also the same, except for two resistors having different values, specific for the LED color).

In any case, you can get either one now. New colors are not planned for the time being.

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