Spelling words on a calculator was a popular pastime for many a high schooler. Some were more creative then others, but none could come up with more than a few words. If only they knew about the “Union Jack” display back then — the one that’s onboard AlphaNum click.

alphanum click

AlphaNum G click carries a dual character 14-segment LED display with two additional segments for commas (or decimal points). Unlike the calculator standard 7-segment display, this one can render the complete ISO Latin alphabet.

This would include the name of the months, so you could use a 14-segment display to recreate the famous Delorean time circuit dashboard from Back to the Future. After all, we are living in 2015, the year in which the second movie takes place.

The G in the name of this click stands for green. We’ll be coming out with other colors soon.

Check out the Libstock example where we did the work of configuring the characters for you. More details on the AlphaNum click product page.

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