Last weekend we had a staggering number of orders. You guys really liked FREE SHIPPING, and took the opportunity to get the stuff that you needed. In the following seven days, we’re paying two thirds of your shipping fee!


Well, congratulations! You folks managed to keep us working two shifts for three days straight just to get all of your orders from last weekend ready for shipping. We counted a total of 823 orders. And that’s alot. We even had people purchasing single Wire Jumper packs for $3, and getting them delivered with ZERO shipping cost. You have to admit, it was a damn good offer you just couldn’t afford to miss.

Since you liked FREE SHIPPING so much, we have decided to focus on helping you as much as we can. So, here’s the deal: In the next seven days, we cover at least two thirds of all of your shipping costs! We will be charging just $9 shipping cost for all orders under $300. Orders above $300 get FREE SHIPPING!

We’re giving you the opportunity to purchase what you always wanted. Click boards, components, MCU cards, mikromedia boards or accessories and still have them delivered anywhere in the world for under ten bucks. We will pay $16 every time you make a purchase. So grab your credit cards and start ordering now!

This amazing offer is valid from 6PM on Friday, January 18, until 6PM on Friday, January 25.

Have a great weekend!

Yours sincerely,

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