If you want to add a simple touchscreen interface to your design and don’t need all the knick-knacks that mikromedia boards have to offer, TFT Proto 4.3″ is a cost-effective solution.

TFT Proto 4.3

TFT Proto 4.3″ carries a 480x272px screen that can display 262k colors. Driving the display is a SSD1963 graphic controller with a 8/9/16/24-bit MCU interface that includes a deep-sleep power saving mode (accessed through the GPIO0 pin on the side of the board).

The touchpanel is driven by an advanced STMPE811 controller.

The board is designed to use a 3.3V power supply (each side of the board has pins for bringing the power, added for the sake of convenience).

Two rows of 26 pins line each side of the board, and four corner mounting holes simplify integration—whether you’ll be using it in a protoype or as a part of your final product.

We also have a smaller version of TFT Proto that has a 320x240px screen.

If you need a more powerful multimedia development platform with standalone capabilities and a versatile set of modules already on it, you should consider mikromedia boards. They come in different sizes and with different MCUs.

Specs and details about TFT Proto 4.3″ on the product page.

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