Four channels, up to 16 bits, up to 240 samples per second.

ADC3 click released

Strike a balance between resolution and speed with ADC3 click. Carrying Microchip’s MCP3428 analog-to-digital converter, this board has four pairs of screw terminals for four different input channels. The chip itself allows several options to process those inputs.

For example if the analog signal is too weak, you can use the built-in gain amplifier to get x2, x4, or x8 gains. The chip automatically calibrates offset and gain errors.

Then once the signal is ready for processing, you have different modes depending on whether you’re looking for precision or speed. At 16 bits, the chip can output conversion results at 15 samples per second. Lower it to 14 bits, you get 60 samples per second. The fastest it gets is 240 samples per second in 12-bit mode.

Side note: if higher resolution is what you’re after, then consider the 22-bit ADC2 click.

ADC3 click uses the mikroBUS™ I2C interface to output the digital values to the target MCU. Standard, fast and high speed modes are available. A pair of onboard jumpers let you select the speed of the interface.

More details on the product page. The Libstock example is also ready.

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