Forget about wire jumpers. Connect IDC10 boards to you mikroBUS socket with a single click.

Adapter click released!

Adapter Click™ is a breakout board which simplifies connection of add-on boards with IDC10 headers to mikroBUS™ socket. There are two ways of establishing connection: using male or female IDC10 connectors. Both are provided with the package. You may solder male IDC10 header on the top side of Adapter Click™ and connect the add-on board directly or via IDC10 flat cable. In some cases, female header socket is a better choice. Solder it either on the top, or the bottom side, depending on which one is more convenient in given circumstances. For example, this board is ideal for connecting ConnectEVE display to your development board. Each mikroBUS™ line is covered, except AN and RST. There are two jumpers for SPI/I2C selection and one for selection of power supply range.

We invite you to visit the board webpage for more information.

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