Our friend Teo from microcontroller-projects.com has another cool project, this time with EasyPIC v7.

Word clock on EasyPIC v7

The project is a a digital clock that spells out the time instead of showing digits. A novelty item, but a cool project none the less. In fact, some people make a living by building clocks like these, just slightly more elaborate versions.

The trick is to create a word matrix that covers any potential time of day. As Teo did, you just need a picture of another word clock and you are good to go.

After that you can peruse the ~350 lines of mikroC code from Teo’s blog to bring your clock into life on Easy PIC’s GLCD screen.

Teo also used the Timer Calculator utility – our popular free tool for generating timer interrupts – to set 250 ms pulses from an external 8MHz crystal.

Don’t forget to check Teo’s other projects on his excellent and active blog.

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