Mike Brink is an electronics professional and enthusiast from South Africa. Believe it or not, his latest project was creating a whole computer mainboard using PIC24 and using additional modules from mikroElektronika as a pluggable add-ons. He developed the software using mikroC PRO for dsPIC.

The board is stunningly cool. It’s realy so much more than you can expect. It is well thought, and well organized and can have numerous applications. It has all sorts of interesting features:

– Separate Data and Video Busses.
– Ultra fast Math operations
– Double cycle (Write question, Read answer) Virtual integer math co-processor
– Virtual 3D Graphic acceleration
– Render with single command
– 2 Relays
– 1 Dedicated Stereo record / playback codec
– 1 Dedicated Stereo MP3 Playback only codec
– 1 Multi purpose configurable video port
– 2 Multi purpose audio / relay port.
– 1 10/100 Ethernet port
and much more.

We invite you to take a look at all the capabilities of this amazing board in the Board’s homepage. You can also visit the Forum and see what existing users have to say about the board.

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