Robert from our forums wrote a piece about how his world would’ve been different without MikroElektronika.


Before pick and place machines with lightning speed robotic turret heads, there were Neb’s nail clippers. Neb, our CEO, used those to strip insulation and trim tiny wires when he was constructing his first development systems as a struggling young entrepreneur. So he could probably relate to Robert’s story.

Robert was digging through some old hardware looking for a motherboard when he found a pile of his own handmade PIC development boards he used to make before he stumbled upon us.

The other boards in that collection are the result of my trials and efforts to make my own PIC development system tools before I discovered and was saved from that life/reality by MikroElektronika.

It was not so bad when it was just me wanting the final device, but when it evolved into making stuff for others, things had to change.

Believe me readers, it is not a life you want to be engaged in for long term. Ultimately, it becomes clear to you that if you build it yourself, you only have yourself to blame when it does not work! And these are not the first versions of any of those boards, they are prized as being the eventual working attempts, on most days, and I can never even be 70% sure they are not the problem. (IF there is a problem).

Check out the whole post here, along with his boards with a jumble of wires.

Last year we did a survey which confirmed that a significant percent of our customers were small entrepreneurs using our tools to develop profitable products, some for prototyping, others for building them right in their final solutions (most often mikromedias).

If you are among them, consider sharing your story with us. What are you building? What are your problems and struggles? The more we know, the better we can serve you. Plus, this webpage is read by your peers from around the world, you can get more exposure for your work. Send us an email, include My Story in the subject line.

Yours sincerely,

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