Low cost, very compact, costs about 150$, but what’s more, Goran himself is quite the character.


Goran Roglic’s character description makes him fit to be a hero in a hi-tech action thriller story: scientist and hacker extraordinaire, master of more than one martial art, speaks exotic languages… he’s also probably the type a guy who would pursue a casual phD on the side, just for fun. And look at his piercing stare—he doesn’t care what you think… at all—on his LinkedIn profile photo he’s dressed as a medieval knight with a chainmail skull cap over his head.

But seriously, no exaggerating here. Goran is an engineer of electronics and telecommunications, has a cardiology MA, phD in sports rehabilitation, and he has been training in Tai Chi and Kendo for over 25 years (see the sewing kit in the upper right corner of the photo, that’s probably for patching up his hakama after a rough bout).

If there ever was a sci-fi time-travel thriller movie worthy of Goran, MikroElektronika would land a sweet product placement deal.

See, Goran used a mikromedia for PIC32 to build a universal Spectrum Analyser Kit that participated at the “Create the Future Design Contest 2014” organized by the engineering magazine “NASA Tech Briefs.”

It’s universal in the truest sense: you can do audio and voice testing and measurements, testing amplifiers, filters, networks, speakers..vibration, measurement, power sources quality analysis, Spectral analysis of biomedical signals, ECG, EEG, EMG and so on and so forth. Goran also claims that it’s the “smallest audio and low frequencies spectrum analyser built-in or stand alone module.”

His goal was to make spectrum analysis accessible to all, with a low cost compact solution suitable for amateurs and professionals alike.

You can read all about on Tech Briefs, to learn what inspired him, more about his goals, and what were the challenges he needed to overcome. Photos included there. By the way, this is probably not the last time we’ll be mentioning Goran here.

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