Teo from the microcontroller-projects.com blog is becoming the premier authority on our Buggy platform. After developing an obstacle avoiding robot, a line follower, this time he’s back with a more sophisticated obstacle avoider.

Obstacle avoiding Buggy improved

We like to test Teo’s projects ourselves. The first obstacle avoiding Buggy was based on Proximity click. While it worked pretty well, it did suffer from an inability to detect walls at steep angles. That’s because the sensor on Proximity click, as the name implies, doesn’t have a long range.

Since then, however, we released IR distance click with a range of up to meter and a half. This gave Teo more room to add finesse to Buggy’s behaviour, making it slow down before coming to close to a wall, for example.


As always, the entertaining read is followed with a detailed code walk-through, all enhanced with high quality photos – proving once again that Teo runs a blog worthy of such a strong domain name,microcontroller-projects.com

Yours sincerely,

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