You had more than 130 opportunities to read about newly released click boards. Fill out a quick survey to let us know if there’s something we could do better to make the presentation of the next 130 more convenient for you.


As the click board count continues to climb it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep in touch with all the new releases. You have to read more and more to stay in the loop.

We recently started releasing new videos for each new click. Just short demos based on the accompanying Libstock examples, to give you a quick idea of what the board does. We’re also filling the backlog, adding videos for previous click boards.

That said, we’re looking for more ideas, and your general impressions on what could we do differently in regard to announcements, videos, presenting key features, and documenting the Libstock examples.

Click the link to fill out the survey, shouldn’t take long to answer.

Yours sincerely,

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