As the click board count continues to climb, our engineers are facing a challenge to diversify the portfolio. The PCB real estate is limiting so you can’t go crazy with complex circuitry, but still, chips are small enough to offer that balance between constraint and creative freedom.

RF meter click

RF Meter click combines a 12-bit ADC together with an AD8318 demodulating logarithmic amplifier. Together with an antenna connector, it’s a system for measuring RF power. It has a large RF span: from 1 MHz to 8 GHz, with an accuracy of ±1.0 dB over 55 dB range (below 6 GHz).

These are usually used for monitoring equipment, ensuring it works according to specs and to detect any leaks. You can also see how much RF your phone is emitting.

The antenna connector is a standard SMA type. It’s compatible with the GSM antennas we carry, but be aware that the AD8318 has a much wider frequency response so you may want to research your options, depending on the application.

Check out the Libstock library, and see more details on the product page.


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