If your native language is Spanish, but you want to become fluent in mikroC for PIC alongside, there’s a new book for you.

How to program PIC 16F88, 16F628A and 16F877A microcontrollers

Note: this book is in Spanish, but for a selection of PIC programming books in English and other languages, see the article we posted in May, or consult the publications section on our website.

Cómo programar en lenguaje C los microcontroladores PIC 16F88, 16F628A y 16F877A” (How to program PIC 16F88, 16F628A and 16F877A microcontrollers) is written by prof. Juan Ricardo, an experienced telecommunications and electronics professor who teaches microcontroller programming in C at Universidad de las Américas (UDLA) in Quito, Ecuador.

The book uses mikroC for PIC for all the demonstrations.

After graduating with an engineering degree in 2001, Juan Ricardo spent 11 years teaching Electronics, Computer Programming, Physics and Math at the Universidad Tecnológica América (UNITA), in Quito. He first became interested in PIC microcontrollers in 2006. Starting with assembly programming, then moving to high level languages and rounding up with C, Mr. Juan gained a thorough understanding of PIC programming.

This book is a result of his vast experience. Its aim is to gather the most important concepts (both theoretical and practical) into a single volume that will allow students to focus on learning and developing without wasting effort on searching for patches of good learning material scattered among less valuable information.

Just to point out again, the book is in Spanish. To learn more, visit Juan Ricardo’s webpage (also in Spanish).

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