A Libstock member got published in a peer-reviewed science journal with a mikromedia-based multimedia interface for an electric wheelchair (as co-author).

mikromedia for PIC32 in a peer-reviewed journal

We can’t quite put our finger on the “Advanced Science Letters” published by American Scientific Publishers. It should be an international peer reviewed multi-disciplinary journal but it’s hard to verify these things (excuse our potential faux pass).

A paper from the journal containing a mikromedia for PIC32 recently surfaced (uploaded by Edward on Scribd). It’s written by students from the University of ISTMO Region, Santo Domingo Tehuantepec, Mexico.

The paper discusses a solution for a multimedia interface for wheelchairs. Aside from the mikromedia for PIC32, the project includes a mikroBUS™ shield and a maybe a Bluetooth click (it mentions a bluetooth module but not the click specifically). The software was developed with mikroC and VisualTFT.

Here’s the link. Unfortunately, there’s no links to the code (on the other hand, it would be great if more Libstock contributions had a blog appended).

Have you ever used MikroElektronika tools in your student work? Did it land in a peer reviewed paper? Let us know.

In other news, Embedded World 2015 starts tomorrow. Hope to see some of you (at booth 2-524)

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