Since the Arduino UNO click shield proved to be the most popular click shield for third party platforms, we decided to bring you an Arduino Mega click shield, with three mikroBUS™ sockets.

Arduino Mega shield

Here’s how Arduino Mega stacks up against the Uno: 256KB of Flash compared to Uno’s 32KB; 8KB of SRAM vs 2KB; 54 digital I/Os vs 14. Everything is a little better, and a little bigger.

The size allowed us to fit three mikroBUS™ sockets on the shield. Pick and choose from over 150 click boards currently at your disposal.

For our example project, we opted for HDC1000 click, Relay click and a 8×8 click. HDC1000 is a temperature and humidity sensor so, you guessed it, it’s a little, or rather, mega weather station that displays temperature and humidity, while the relays are triggered when a threshold temperature or humidity is reached.

Here’s how it looks like. We didn’t have a fan at hand, but we figured a Tesla ball is cool enough to chill a room, at least figuratively speaking.


For inspiration on how to combine click boards with Arduino, the blog features a few projects that use clicks, but with Arduino Uno. Still, you might find them useful, check here and here.

Also, don’t forget this pro tip which we already shared with you:

“When beginning a project with an Arduino click shield, first thing to do is search google for the Arduino code for the chips and modules that are on the clicks of your choice. That way, you’ll benefit both from the huge Arduino community and the hardware simplicity of clicks.”

Yours sincerely,

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