PWM click, powered by the PCA9685PW IC, is like a digital puppeteer. Instead of pulling strings, it can control robots, servo motors, LED drivers, all through its 16 PWM outputs.

pwm click

PWM click is dotted with pins and headers. When used to its full potential the board will be bristling with wire jumpers, with the other end of each one connected to a robotic arm, LED driver, a bunch of servo motors or anything else.

You can even turn up with an ensemble cast. In addition to the mikroBUS™ socket, PWM click has an additional pinout for chaining multiple boards of its kind together. You can daisy-chain up to seven PWM clicks together — which would give you a total of 112 PWM outputs, still through a single I2C interface.

Each of those boards would have to have its own I2C address, which you can set up by soldering the onboard I2C ADR.

More details on the product page. Libstock examples are also ready.


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