If you follow our site closely this isn’t news for you, but near the end of last year GPS2 click fell towards the bottom part of the click board price range. It has a lower price than a 8×8 LED matrix. It’s only $14.00.

gps 2 click

The reason is that the L30 module is obsolete. This happens occasionally, as vendors replace older modules with new ones, stopping production, making it useless to professional developers.

But the hardware still works… Navstar satellites orbiting above and below us don’t care about shifting market trends…

For hobbyists and students, this is a precious time-window that lasts only briefly, where you can get a GPS module at a steep discount. See all the specifications on the product page (note that the external antenna is sold separately).

The curtains are closing on the current version of GPS2 click and this sort of price drop happens rarely. So if you need a GPS for a one-off project, act quickly and get GPS2 click now.

For the rest of you, soon we’ll have an updated GPS2 click (something we’ve done previously with GSM2 click). When that happens, the price goes back up.

Yours sincerely,

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