A revolution starts when a certain technology reaches a huge number of people who can then come up with new applications. That’s the idea that started the Wunderbar. The goal was to make IoT easy for all sorts of developers, yourself included.

So for a start, to get a taste of the Wunderbar experience, see the video above. It’s Amin, relayr’s chief tinkerer, or maker in residence, demonstrating the onboarding process.

That shows you how everybody gets started with Wunderbar. But from there, it can go off in a million directions. Head over to relayr’s Youtube channel and there you’ll see many videos of various Wunderbar projects from various Hackaton teams.

To take a step back and see how it all came to be, here’s a presentation about Wunderbar from the New York City IoT meet up from earlier this month. Jackson Bond, co-founder of relayr, tells the entire story from the initial idea, all the way to the final slide that has a screenshot of the Wunderbar page on our site, ready for market.

You should watch the video to see what it takes to turn your idea into a finished product. It’s not as tough as you might believe. The point is, if you have an idea that sparks people’s imagination, you’ll get attention from investors and partners soon enough. And then you can, as Jackson says “Start your own revolution.”

The Wunderbar presentation starts at the 5:37 mark.

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