The original Arduino Uno GSM shield went AWOL so we prepared a replacement: buy a GSM2 click (same module as the original Arduino GSM shield) and we’ll give you an Arduino Uno click shield for a dollar.

GSM2 click and Arduino Uno click shield bundle

This click and shield combo (link leads directly to cart) is an easy replacement for Arduino’s original GSM shield because (1) it’s compatible with the stock Arduino library and (2) we’ll ship the GSM2 click set up for a 5V logic level (by soldering the onboard jumper to the appropriate position). And of course an added benefit is that you know have a spare mikroBUS socket to add one more click to your Arduino design.

You have Jason from Ireland to thank for this one. Jason drew our attention to a discussion on the official Arduino forums where people were lamenting over the disappearance of the original Arduino GSM shield from all online stores. He had the same problem himself until he found gsm2 click through Google.

GSM2 click happens to have the same Quectel M95 GSM/GPRS module as the missing shield. The quad-band module supports GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz frequencies. Unlike the shield though, gsm2 click is smaller and has a audio/microphone jack which makes it easier to use a microphone or speakers with the module.

Jason, who goes under the name of CollSoft on the forums (after his company) shared his new-found solution with other forum members before writing to us with the idea for this bundle. We said why not?

We know that click boards with GSM modules are constantly among our top sellers so we guess GSM solutions are also popular for platforms like the Arduino. The apparent discontinuation of the GSM shield created a gap to fill. You’re welcome, Arduino fans.

Yours sincerely,

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