Bricked in the sense of being attached to a brick wall. Thumbs up for this Hexiwear wall mount created by Aleksandar, a Kickstarter backer.

The creator of this pronged Hexiwear wall-mount is also behind a similar piece for Flip & click (we knew that those hexagons were foreshadowing a Hexiwear-related project to come).

Or maybe it’s just because these days we — at least half a dozen of our staff members – are highly attuned to seeing hexagons everywhere we look. A side-effect of spending so many hours on Hexiwear-related tasks.

Hexis are everywhere, including next week in Austin, TX, at the NXP FTF Technology Forum, where our wearable dev kit will get a lot of exposure. More on that on Monday.

Yours sincerely,

P.S. Actually, we have a history with Aleksandar. Before he was a Kickstarter backer, he was a famous intern, famous because of the way of how he joined us. One day he unsuspectingly walked into our building to buy a few clicks, saw our intern’s lab, and just decided to stay there. We wrote story about his project back then.

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